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Inscape Photography

The philosophy of Inscape is based on the understanding that the human being is a reflection or microcosm of the wider external world or cosmos and that therefore the inner world and the outer meet in the consciousness of the individual, and into this space each person projects their own uniqueness or unique combination of soul qualities. And since photography is a reflection of the outer but involves selection by an individual, then it follows that the inner world of meaning and the outer world of appearances meet in the photographic image.

As a magazine, Inscape is about sharing our personal work, our personal photographic visions, with others. It is about appreciation rather than confrontation and argument, but it is not intended as a cosy corner to slumber in because it believes that the tradition of picture making that has personal meaning is alive and still developing. And anything really alive will not always fit neatly into the form or character of how things have been. A living tradition evolves. If it doesn't then it stagnates and becomes a past movement - a package, neatly tied up by the intellect for the history of photography.